FAQ about Unmetered servers

  1. What is an Unmetered server?

    With an Unmetered Server, you can consume as much traffic as you want. Your bandwidth is not throttled when you exceed a certain amount of traffic. There are also no additional fees for high traffic usage.

    After choosing one of the bandwidth rates from Unmetered.com, you can use this bandwidth at any time. In addition, with the Volume Plus 500 plan you also benefit from the Performance-Boost. That means you can use the full power of your dedicated 1 Gbit/s port for up to 5% of the billing period. In the remaining 95% of the time you have available the guaranteed 500 Mbit/s bandwidth of your plan.

  2. What bandwidth do you offer?

    You can choose from bandwidth rates of 500 to 1,000 Mbit/s. The Volume Plus 500 tariff with 500 Mbit/s also includes a Performance-Boost. This allows you to intercept traffic peaks with the help of your dedicated 1 Gbit/s port and use up to 1,000 Mbit/s bandwidth for a short time. The Performance-Boost is effective for up to 5% of the billing period (one month).

  3. What can I do with these data rates?

    If you use a bandwidth of 1,000 Mbps and, for example, exploit the 1,000 Mbit/s once every minute, you could move around 330 TB of data in the course of one month. At 500 Mbit/s the data volume would be 165 TB.

  4. How can I check the bandwidth used?

    In your Unmetered.com panel refer to the menu Network > Bandwidth, where you will find detailed bandwidth statistics.

  5. I want to change my bandwidth rate. When and how is this possible?

    In your Unmetered.com panel at Network > Bandwidth, you will find an icon next to the server name which links to the upgrade and downgrade page.

    Any upgrade will have immediate effect from a technical and accounting perspective. So you can immediately take advantage of the higher bandwidth, and the monthly charges will be billed to you from this time. A downgrade is only effective at the end of the current billing period. Until then, the higher bandwidth will yet be fully available to you.

  6. Can I really generate as much traffic as I want?

    Yes, you can use an unlimited amount of traffic on your Unmetered server. The amount of transferred data is not limited.

  7. Is there really no bandwidth limitation or throttling?

    No, you will always have the full bandwidth of your booked tariff available, no matter how much traffic you generate.

  8. What is Performance-Boost?

    Each Unmetered.com server is connected by a dedicated 1 Gbit/s port. With the help of the Performance-Boost you can temporarily exceed your bandwidth with the Volume Plus 500 plan and use up to 1,000 Mbit/s. This boost is available for up to 5% of the billing period which equals 36 hours per month.

  9. What is the ServerBuilder?

    In the ServerBuilder you may create your individual system with your desired configuration (Build Your Own). Just select a barebone and add individual components such as hard drives or the required amount of memory. The price for the current configuration will be shown live during the making.

  10. How do I manage my server?

    Our servers either are based on Linux or Windows. Various utilities (daemons) are run on the servers. You have two options for your system administration:
    [1] SSH/Telnet: You have full access to your server, that is, you have 100 percent control of every software program on the server. You may of course install and use other software programs at any time.
    [2] Plesk 11.x: Plesk has been developed especially for the needs of professional hosting service providers and IT professionals. According to the manufacturer, it offers the greatest variety of features in the industry. Plesk is available for Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS and Windows.

  11. Where can I register domain names?

    In the Domain menu of your Unmetered panel. During the registration process you will be automatically entered as Admin C.

    Name server entries that refer to your server will also be automatically assigned. If you want to transfer a domain name, you can make the relevant KK requests in the panel.

    Domain prices:

    Top-level domainPrice per monthAnnual fee
    .de € 1.02 € 12.24
    .nl € 1.13 € 13.56
    .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz € 1.22 € 14.64
    .eu € 1.53 € 18.36
    .ws € 2,04 € 24,48
    .at, .be, .name € 2.55 € 30.60
    .ch, .li € 7.17€ 86.04
  12. Where can I make registrations in the name server?

    When you order a domain name via the Domain menu of your Unmetered panel, the ordered domain name will automatically be registered in our name servers.

  13. How can I reboot my server?

    You can reboot your server at any time independently, without cost and fully automatically. You will find this function in the Unmetered panel under Hardware > Reboot.

  14. Do I get full root access?

    You get full root access for your server and can do with it what you like. There is no limitation.

  15. How can I reach your Support in case of any problems?

    Our Second Level Support is available 24/7, 365 days a year via the Ticket System in the Unmetered panel. Our experienced telephone staff will be happy to record your inquiry as a ticket and forward it to Second Level Support. They will then contact you shortly by email and provide assistance for your problem.

    Please do not call our sales team because they cannot assist you.

  16. I can no longer access my server, what now?

    If you can no longer access your server after a reboot, you can contact our technicians by email ticket or phone.

  17. What happens in case of a hardware failure?

    If you have detected a failure of your server hardware, please contact Support. Our team will make sure you have your server back online within 4 hours.

  18. Can I order a reinstallation of the server?

    You can order a reinstallation without a problem. In many cases it makes more sense to restore the server completely instead of wasting a lot of time searching for problems. If you wish to reinstall your server, you can begin the process in your Unmetered panel under Hardware > Restore. Reinstallation is free.

  19. What can I install on my server?

    Everything. Without exception! You have full root access to your server and may therefore also install anything on it that does not violate any applicable laws

  20. How can I make payments at Unmetered.com?

    We accept the following payment methods: Direct debit from German bank accounts, credit cards, PayPal with a billing agreement. Payment is made monthly in advance unless you wish to take advantage of the free months by selecting a longer payment period when ordering.

  21. What is the minimum contractual period at Unmetered.com?

    You can choose whether you would like a duration of one, 12, 24 or 36 months. With longer contracts you will receive up to six months' discount on the server fee. Monthly contracts can be canceled any time by the end of the month. For further details please refer to the General Terms and Conditions.