Your partner for professional streaming and downloads

If your business provides large volumes of data such as films, images, or music titles on the Internet, is the right hosting partner for you. We not only provide you with the required volume of bandwidth and unlimited traffic for streaming, downloads, gaming, communities, webinars etc. We also offer you the technical know-how and the infrastructure of a market leader in dedicated hosting for over ten years.

Fact 1: Bandwidth

Each server from comes with a dedicated 1 Gbit/s port which, when paired with the Volume Plus 1000 plan, can be used to take advantage of unlimited traffic free of charge. Even when you select the Volume Plus 500 plan with 500 Mbit/s bandwidth, you can still use the full 1.000 Mbit/s in 5% of the monthly accounting period thanks to the Performance-Boost.

Fact 2: Connection

The global high-speed backbone of our parent company, BSB Service GmbH, has a total capacity of more than 550 Gbit/s. It is directly connected to the most important providers and the largest European exchange points, meaning all data packets can be swiftly transported on the shortest routes. As the network has been designed with multiple redundancy, you can benefit from a minimum of 99.9% availability.

Fact 3: Data Centers

Your data is perfectly secured in both our ultra-modern data centers in the USA and Europe. Our sophisticated security system and fully redundant infrastructure make sure of that. In addition, the data centers are ideally connected with central locations. That's why we are able to offer our customers high-speed hosting all over the world. Even better, the European data center, datadock, is the greenest data center in Europe.

Fact 4: Hardware

Only genuine brand name server hardware is used in all server offers. This has the advantage that all servers are fast and reliable, because all components are carefully chosen and designed for server operation. You can also choose from a wide range of hardware products at to ensure your hosting solution is exactly right for your requirements and your budget.

Fact 5: Flexibility

Your high-bandwidth package from consists of selectable hardware and bandwidth modules. One of the greatest advantages is that you are able to adjust the bandwidth in your panel at any time. You are also free to choose your preferred server location: the States or Europe. You also have complete freedom at with your contract term: commit to as little as one month if you'd like.

Fact 6: Support

Our experienced support team is at your side around the clock free of cost - seven days of the week, every day of the year and in over ten languages. Among other things, we guarantee you a hardware exchange within four hours so you can quickly restore the availability of your services. Also, our hosting experts are at your service for all questions about the software included in your server package.

Fact 7: Competency

As a subsidiary company of BSB Service GmbH, we are able to draw on a large pool of know-how. That's because BSB Service GmbH is able to look back on more than 10 years of success in the hosting sector and today is one of the global market leaders. BSB Service GmbH hosts about 40,000 dedicated servers and more than two million active websites.

The Reason Why

  • Bandwidth up to 1,000 Mbit/s
  • Change of bandwidth plan anytime
  • Unlimited traffic
  • 550-Gbit/s backbone
  • Ultra-secure EU and US data centers
  • Nonstop free support
  • Only one month minimum term
  • Genuine brand name server hardware
  • Know-how of a hosting pioneer